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Want to achieve massive success? The 10x Rule can help you get there. Learn how to apply this principle to your life and business with this guide.

The 10x Rule: How to Amplify Your Success

Our lives are strongly aligned with our perspectives, just like the concepts of right and wrong, good and bad, right and wrong, and success and failure. Similarly, success is also a concept that holds deep importance in our minds and lives. So we work, learn and unlearn, and discover through our daily life experiences and habits, which indicate life events such as success.

We all have heard of concepts such as no pain, no gain” and “hard work always pays off,” but we all have our measures of success, which make us wonder if we are doing enough. How much effort is enough to be successful?

A massive success comes with a great deal of effort. Here, the 10X Rule by Grant Cardone gives us a perspective on how much is needed and how much effort is good enough to achieve greatness.

Wondering what this 10-x rule is?

“The 10X rule is the holy grail for those who desire success by establishing the right levels of actions and thinking that guarantee success and ensure that you’ll continue operating at these levels throughout your career and the rest of your life.” Grant Cardone

It is the basic concept of putting in far greater effort and dedication than what we believe we can accomplish with greater success while ridding ourselves of mediocrity in our target. Setting achievable goals with minimum effort won’t land you near your dream success. It limits us from unleashing our true potential while bringing along a misjudgment of our capacity and resolve.

Imagine: does setting mediocre goals and achieving the average lead you out of your comfort bubble all your life? If life hits you hard, the repetitive pattern of underachievement can drive you down and below your current standing.

The concept of setting goals higher than what you believe you can achieve is the key to discovering uncharted areas and unshackling all that grit and talent that had not been known before.

Here is the lesson:

The more you think, the higher you’ll soar. Set your aims ten times higher and put in ten times more effort needed to unleash your own extraordinary with much grander fulfillment. Small or mediocre goals don’t tend to entice us to do more, do better, achieve more, and reap greater satisfaction.

Accept/own control for everything:

Success is not a drastic outcome. It is the result of a repeated pattern of action. Most of the time, we do not set goals correctly. It requires accurate direction, immense dedication, and apt and stirring enough objectives to continuously work smartly towards a target from the start to the end.

  • We are far more capable than we think; what hinders our achievement is the limiting mindset that doesn’t allow us to step up towards progress and bind our actual value and potential, hidden under the reasons and justifications for not reaching the start and endpoint. 
  • All our goals involve hustling effort alongside time. So if all the time is consumed in worrying about how to make it big, We are likely not even to make it at all! Such chaos confirms fear, failure, and discontentment. Set your targets high and aim for the stars, which helps you achieve more than you expected with all your energy and action.


Grant Cardone states that you will know you are stepping into the realm of massive action when you;

1) Create new problems for yourself and

(2) Start to receive criticism and warnings from others.


The most common belief is that we all start by thinking of obstacles and hurdles, despite knowing that these are just temporary hindrances and not permanent stops. All this locks up our entire will and process of progress, leaving us with excuses.


Most commonly, at some point in life, we do quite the opposite of the action required to start, plan, or work and go farther from success. We are not willing to make it an achievement while still wanting it so badly.


Dreams start with a simple idea popping into our minds, but it takes responsible action to achieve them. Most people assume that working just the regular hours can get them to their dream accomplishment, and this is where most of us get stuck, without realizing that we can get even slightly ahead. We put in certain actions and efforts, thinking this might bring us closer to our dreams, but that’s just plain mediocre action.


Exceptional success requires enormous action. Incredible effort is the key to great success. Imagine that taking extra action would let you reach beyond your estimated expectations. Self-discipline and the absolute grit to make it big are significant factors in going above and beyond the average and acceptable amount of hustle. Now how to measure if the hustle is enough to get ten times farther than expected?

We have to set new glitches and mark new problems to overcome the barrier while taking actions to do more than average because doing so doesn’t land us at greater heights of success. Aim for the moon and reach for the stars.

How do we assess if we are on the right track? Here’s when fear kicks in—whether what we are doing is enough while being on the right path. And this fear keeps you going—the fear to lag, the fear to do more, the fear to be better, the fear not to miss a chance—and even that extra sleep might let time slip through your fingers. That is when you get out of your comfort bubble. And it pays off massively.

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