Arslan Larik


Have you ever had the feeling like you have one foot in the accelerator wanting to move forward in your life while at the very same time you also have one foot on the brake slowing your life down? Consciously you want to move forward yet there is something getting in the way and stopping you?

Have you ever felt that you’re going through a STUCK PHASE in life?

You want to get out of it so bad but nothing is working out!! Let me explain to you what are those 4 culprits that puts an individual into a Stuck Phase and for explaining that to you, I want you to imagine a sun. Yes, you got me right; a SUN!!!

When you think of the sun, what comes to your mind?

Um, heat, energy, brightness, warmth, radiance, sparkling happiness, Vitamin D (uh of course). Now think what would happen if there’s a cloud that goes around the sun?
Um, well, it would block the sunlight, warmth, brightness, heat and basically you would lose the sight of the sun. You wouldn’t be able to see it.
So now taking the same metaphor of this sun and the dark cloud. Let’s shift your focus to the 4 clouds that stop us from living an awesome life and create energy leaks in our being that rob us of all our power and eventually puts us in a Stuck Phase.

These  are…

negative-thinkingNegative Thinking

The first cloud that holds us back in life is Negative Thinking which is infact a natural occurring phenomenon. On an average a human being goes through 60,000 thoughts; yes you heard me right; SIXTY THOUSAND thoughts in a day. When the amount of negative thought gets higher than the amount of Positive thought and a person thinks about one negative thought and that leads to another negative thought and that leads to another one and now there’s a chain of negative thoughts which a person is unable to break despite doing all he can. Negative thought patterns can be all-consuming, leaving us feeling stuck and helpless in a never-ending cycle of self-doubt and despire.

negative-emotionNegative Emotions

The second cloud that is holding us back, is what we call Negative Emotions. Okay. So emotions are neither good or bad, they are there because they make us humans, otherwise without emotions we would be zombies or robots to be honest. But when the intensity of emotions gets negative and while we controlling our emotions, our emotions start controlling us; that where the real problem lies because these negative emotions starts harming and disempowering us. Negative Emotions such as Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Betrayal, Regret, Hurt and Anxiety. Always Remember: When emotion goes up, intelligence automatically goes down and inability to regulate and control our emotions makes even intelligent people do things that they shouldn’t do.

limiting-beliefsLimiting Beliefs

Limiting beliefs are the stories or statements; we tell ourselves about who we are and those beliefs that stops/limits that holds us back from becoming who we are meant to be. These beliefs limit us from reaching our full potential. They are very unconscious in nature. We don’t even know that we have them until someone points them out to us.

Limiting beliefs are statements like;
Limiting beliefs are statements like; “I am not good enough” …. “I am not capable enough” … “I don’t have enough knowledge” … “Life is too hard” …. “All men are disloyal” …. “I am too young to work” … “I can’t make money” …. “I am too old to start all over again” … “I can never be loved” etc. All these statements indicates a belief system that is so deep rooted that it puts a person in pitfall of self-doubt.
These limiting beliefs do not have any reality but our unconscious mind presents it to us in such a manner that they appear so real to us.

inner-conflictsInner Conflict

Have you ever felt that there’s an inner war going on inside you that a part of your being wants to do one thing or wants to go for one option and other part of your being wants to do something else. In this state of mind, a person can not decide between the two options are remains stuck, as if this war between two parts of his/her being is tearing the person apart.
For Example: I want to go for a world tour and travelling is my passion but I also have to earn money and I can’t afford a world tour.
Should I remain working as an employee for this company because job is stable but I also want to be my own boss and wants to build my own business?
Inner Conflicts are actually considered the mother of all other clouds. Through inner conflicts negative emotions, limiting beliefs and negative thinking arises. These inner conflicts are usually a resultant of unaligned values of a person.

These are the 4 clouds that have been developing since our birth and if not attended to or corrected they will create huge storms in our life.  Storms that will leave us emotionally drained, frustrated, depressed, confused, powerless and disempowered.

In our NLP trainings we go deep in working with you and your 4 clouds to come out the other side into paradise. NLP is all about reprogramming our mind in such a way that it starts perceiving things differently and more positively  which would ultimately be result in an empowering mindset and behaviors.