Let’s Dream Big Together

Why Train with AL&CO?​

What we teach is not different from what other NLP programs teach, but how we teach definitely is. The way our text is contextualized and taught is unlike any other

We specialize in teaching our graduates how to do interventions online and in-person. This is to ensure that they are not limited to taking physical clients, and can easily work with people internationally, too. No trainer in Pakistan offers that.

We believe growth never stops – which is why we allow all our graduates to revise, recap and revisit the trainings as many times as they like – free of cost.

We have no pricing disparities – all our graduates invest the same amount for each training program. We do, however, provide you with flexible installment plans to ensure that finances don’t hold you back from starting your journey of growth and transformation.

We know that repetition is the mother of mastery. This is why alongside live training, we also provide you with a self-study kit with over 400 audio files in the voice of Tad James – all of which are compatible with your manual! In other words, you get training from Arslan Larik and Tad James – an offer no other company provides.