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Individuals choose us for three reasons specifically.

1. Do you wish to start your own successful Coaching Business, ensuring growth, success, and financial freedom?

2. Do you require assistance in creating empowerment and success in your Personal and Professional life?

3. Do you feel stuck with Negative Thinking, Negative Emotions, Limiting Beliefs, and Inner Conflicts, and you feel that life might be holding you back?

Well then you have arrived at the right place!


1). A Promising Career as an NLP Master Coach with 6 Global Certifications

2). Methods on boosting your income up to 6-figure digits with your own Coaching Business.

3). Get 400 hours of extensive practice in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy Technique and NLP Coaching tools and techniques.

4). Command on more than 50 + Interventions that will sets you apart.

5). Learn all the interventions online

6). Gain Complete Emotional Mastery

7). Build your communication skills, Influence and become an excellent Presenter.


  • Learning and Practicing all the set of Interventions under Supervisions.
  • Equipping yourself with more than 50 + Neuro Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy® Techniques and NLP Coaching based interventions that will help you in facilitating a variety of clients with different nature of issues.
  • Get 6 Global Certifications via Three International Bodies:
    1. The American Board of NLP (ABNLP)
    2.  Time Line Therapy® Association(TLTA)
    3.  Coaching Division of ABNLP
  • Master the methods of starting a Coaching Business and getting Paid Coaching Clients.
  • A chance to re-attend, revise and recap NLP Trainings by AL&CO Free of Cost for the Next 5 years.
  • A home study bundle of 400+ Audio Files explaining each and every concept of NLP For Home Study along with 2 Manuals.
  • Become a part of global network of 450+ Graduates from all around the Globe.
  • A complete journey of self-discovery and working on Personal Development.
  • Best Customer Service Experience that no other company offers.
  • Exceptional Post Training Support System


You don’t really require to have a background of Psychology for becoming an NLP Master Coach; yes, if you have one, it would add some benefits. NLP certifications are NOT an alternative to Psychology degree and we have and will never claim that. We offer coaching certifications that are in-line with the ABNLP guidelines. We teach you all the interventions that you need to become an NLP Practitioner or an NLP Master coach. There are also credit hours included that need to be completed for you to receive your certification. There are 130-140 hours for Level 1, and 140-150 hours for Level 2. We do all of these under the supervision of a licensed ABNLP Master Trainer.

NLP improves your coaching skills by teaching you how to tap into the root cause of the problem presented by your client in a faster and much effective way.

NLP trainings allows you to have command over 50+ effective interventions to facilitate clients who will come to you with Negative Thought Patterns, Emotional Turmoil, Limiting Beliefs, Inner Conflicts, behavioral issues, bad habits, Unclarity of Future goals or in general feeling stuck in life. NLP tools are proven to bring 10 times more fast, effective and long-lasting results in your clients; by having these additional skillset of NLP tools and techniques will ensure you facilitating a plethora of clients with different needs and requirements.

So basically, NLP Trainings are divided into 2 levels; the first level is called NLP Practitioner which is 10 days of intensive live training; and a candidate has to complete 130 credit hours of Training in order to certify as an NLP Practitioner.

Now the second level is called NLP Master Practitioner level 2, which is 140 credit hours live training spread over 13 days.

You get total 26 days if you take both levels once a year; internationally you have to
pay 25% to repeat it again, with us, you can repeat it as many times as you want, with
no additional fee for 5 years.

• This is a 5-year investment in your goals.
• In 26 days, you’ re just building awareness, understanding the tools and
techniques, training your mind to think differently; and after that it is how well you practice
what you learned.

NLP trainings via AL&CO are truly enrich with up to date latest content, best teaching methodologies, live demonstrations and back to back practice sessions under a supervision of senior coaches; that truly ensures your knowledge and grip over each and every intervention and you will be more than ready to take your first client as soon as you are done with your level 1 NLP Practitioner training.

Online is not merely a medium through which we will communicate with you for training purposes. This is also a skill that, if mastered, will allow you to work with people from all over the world rather than just in your own city. Working in an international market will provide you with more opportunities for exposure, learning, and growth. And with the Post-Covid world everything has become digital and people prefer this over classroom training so this is the best time to adapt and rediscover yourself so that you can compete with the best.

In the NLP Master Practitioner Level 2 Training, there’s an entire day dedicated where we will be providing you set of processes, methodologies, and a mindset that are needed for success that were formed after modeling some of the most successful people in the world in terms of coaching businesses.
We teach impactful strategies to our graduates, how to get paid coaching clients. No other company teaches this because this isn’t part of the course online; we teach this so that you can get better results and greater value for your investment.

NLP Trainings via AL&CO, focuses not only making you professionally empowered but also simultaneously working on your personal development aspects as well. NLP works primitively on 4 things that a put a person into a stuck phase of life; Negative Thinking, Negative Emotions, Limiting Beliefs, Inner Conflicts, Phobias, Anxiety, Behavioral issues,

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You being a certified NLP Master Coach can work with variety of clients, ranging from Education sector, Corporate sector, Personal coaching clients who are going through difficult phase of life, unclarity of future, Negative emotions like Anger, Sadness, Fear, Guilt, Betrayal, Anxiety, Phobias, Stage Fright, Disempowering behaviors and habits etc.

In the United States, the average Certified Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) Coach makes $75,325. The salary range falls between $69,098 and $81,799, with a few top-tier coaches earning six and even seven figures working with high-profile clients. A single Neuro-Linguistic Programming session usually costs around $125. Meanwhile, a Breakthrough session, which is usually conducted by a Master Practitioner, can cost up to $600.

Our graduates certify from 5 different International bodies; At the Level 1 and Level 2; they get certified from 3 different bodies and get 6 global certifications;
Our NLP Practitioner (Level 1) program provides the following three International Certifications

1). NLP Practitioner via the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)
2). Time Line Therapy Practitioner via Time Line Therapy Association (TLTA)
3). NLP Coach via NLP Coaching Division

Our NLP Master Practitioner (Level 2) program provides the following three International Certifications

4). NLP Master Practitioner via the American Board of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ABNLP)
5). Time Line Therapy Master Practitioner via Time Line Therapy Association (TLTA)
6). NLP Master Coach via NLP Coaching Division

My question here is that, why are you looking for job after obtaining six internationally accredited certifications and learning more than 85 tools, techniques, therapies, and language patterns? You can be your own boss and not have to answer to anyone. You have the option of charging a premium and working with both Pakistani and international clients. This is how you can earn more while putting in less effort and having peace of mind.

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"The overall experience with AL&CO was extremely pleasant. I have been on a few training courses before but trainings delivered by AL&CO are always in a completely professional manner. NLP Training by AL&CO has enabled me to take my coaching skills to another level in order to achieve the skill sets, knowledge and personal shift I needed to be a better coach. Arslan Larik and his entire team is extremely helpful and always there before and after training which is the biggest plus".

MUNIZA ALI Jeddah (Kingdom of Saudia Arabia)

"I thank AL&CO for appearing as an opportunity during the darkest days of my life to walk towards the light. I grabbed it and it eventually filled my life with so much empowerment that I was able to become the source of light myself. These trainings were the best investments I made; the best gift, I gave to myself and the best gift I got mentally, physically and emotionally. I commend AL&CO for doing it with such honesty and conviction that this change becomes inevitable and that is what translated into my passion and purpose of life. Lots of love, light and prayers for everyone on a similar journey from one heart of good to the others."

ANUSHA RAYYANI London (United Kingdom)

“NLP has been an amazing journey for me. It was more than just a short course, it was a process for me to be able to understand my emotions and take responsibility of my actions. This process was truly a transformational experience, where I witnessed breakthroughs for myself and others. Certainly, the best decision I ever made."

ARJUMAND RAZA ZAIDI Johannesburg (South Africa)

"I have refreshed my knowledge and set new targets for myself with the help of AL&CO. The entire AL&CO team (Lead Trainer, team members) was extremely supportive as they drew my attention to some small details where I need to focus more in order to achieve results."

FAIZA KHURRAM Riyadh (Kingdom of Saudia Arabia)

"I wanted to learn NLP to improve my life and those valuable therapeutic techniques to help people. I have searched all the Institutes that were offering NLP training but joined Arslan Larik & Company because of their strong profile and overall great reputation in the training industry. My overall experience of NLP training (Practitioner and Master Practitioner Level) was wonderful. I made amazing progress in my personal growth. I believe that I've clearly resolved some long-standing issues of mine that were holding me back from progressing in life. Now that I have enough strength and empowerment for myself, I'm also helping other individuals to live a happy and fulfilled life. A big thanks to Arslan Larik and the Team of AL&CO. It was a truly transformational experience for me."

Farah Muhammad Danish Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)

"Arslan and his amazing team make the learning experience so accessible. Arslan is great at connecting with his audience. He opens your mind to endless possibilities and self-discovery. I had a great time and look forward to rejoining the next batch for further development."

Louise Cunningham Nottingham (England)

"I attended the NLP Practitioner (Triple Certification) training online by Arslan Larik & Company. It was an exceptionally amazing course. I would highly recommend it to anyone who are into Personal and Professional Development."

Minaam Khatri Dubai (United Arab Emirates)

"My experience with Arslan Larik & Company has been life changing. I'm currently doing things that in my mind were unimaginable. I'm climbing mountains of hurdles that i never thought were possible to climb and coming back to life on daily basis! Highly Recommended Training!!"

MUHAMMAD DANISH MUMTAZ Petaling Jaya (Malaysia)

"Arslan’s training techniques make it simple for one to understand even the most complex of subjects. He is truly a Master of his craft. Highly Recommended!!

Rameesha Mangal Singapore

"All Limiting Beliefs are LIES" One of the best gifts you could give yourself is "Self-Awareness". NLP has enabled me to be mindful of my language and thought process, to take responsibility for myself, no matter what the circumstances are, to ask the right questions, to consistently stay in touch with my higher purpose and shatter the thoughts that hold me back. Thinking of my next bold step does not give me anxiety anymore! Not only am i aware of myself, i also have a high sense of awareness of people i interact with and i am more confident now than ever when it comes to people management."

Shajjia Mithani London (UK)

"A month back I made a decision that has positively altered the way I think, feel and act. Because of NLP, I was able to create Breakthroughs not only for myself but i was also able to support others in their journey towards empowerment. There is a sense of profound strength in being mindfully aware of how we behave, communicate and program our mind. If only we realized how powerful and brave we are!"

Tahseen Haider Harbin (China)

"Connecting with AL&CO and diving in to the world of NLP has been a life changing experience. AL&CO team is super cooperative and incredibly awesome in their work and behavior. Opportunity of repeating the trainings again and again, free of cost adds up a unique value to the company's profile. Arslan Larik (Lead Trainer) delivers the content in the most interesting way; engaging activities related to interventions practice, and meaningful discussion in Breakout Rooms with other participants made my online trainings experience extremely attractive and alluring. It truly gives you a platform to connect with multi-talented people from all around the globe."

Beena Sami Edmonton Alberta (Canada)

“Before doing NLP, i was very hard on myself, used to think in a certain fixed way that was not liberating for me at all. NLP Trainings made me overcome my limitations that I created for myself unconsciously. It helped me to look into past and present difficult situations from different perspectives and create beautiful positive learnings out of them. Overall my experience with AL&CO was extremely pleasant and empowering."

Clients Say


We are proud to share the positive experiences of our valued alumni. Read on to see what they have to say about us.

About our clients

At AL&CO, we value the trust our clients have placed in us. Here, we showcase a selection of testimonials from our alumni.

Fozia Haroon Dallas (USA)

“The overall experience with AL&CO was extremely pleasant. I have been on a few training courses before but trainings delivered by AL&CO are always in a completely professional manner. NLP Training by AL&CO has enabled me to take my coaching skills to another level in order to achieve the skill sets, knowledge and personal shift I needed to be a better coach. Arslan Larik and his entire team is extremely helpful and always there before and after training which is the biggest plus”.

Louise Cunningham Nottingham (England)

"I attended the NLP Practitioner (Triple Certification) training online by Arslan Larik & Company. It was an exceptionally amazing course. I would highly recommend it to anyone who are into Personal and Professional development.”

Muhammad Abdullah Kashif Preston (United Kingdom)

“NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Trainings proved to be exceptional for my Personal and Professional growth. There was superb support from the entire team members. I found many healthier ways of not just thinking, but dealing and overcoming with day to day challenges I might face.”

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