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Overcoming Phobias and Limiting Beliefs with NLP: Address your fears

Overcoming Phobias and Limiting Beliefs with NLP: Address your fears

Phobias are intense and it is not something we should joke about and turn a blind eye when it happens. There are certain fears for certain people that not everyone has, let’s say you have height phobia and you can’t do things including facing this challenge at any point or cost, but others around you might not have that and they wouldn’t understand it the way you are experiencing things.

You can’t explain your situation because it is not a physical wound but a psychological one. Resolve inner conflicts with NLP as it is the best option to look after your inner self when nobody is able to understand you but the people who are going through the same thing. I could say that NLP is the best thing that happened to me as it helped me fight my inner thoughts and let my unrealistic beliefs and thinking patterns.

There is nothing like incurable phobias or if you might think that the phobias you have will stick around you for the rest of your lives. NLP doesn’t believe in something you can’t do, everything is possible, and overcoming your phobias or fears will be easy for you when you will choose Neuro-linguistic Programming.

How NLP coaching works and helps manage phobias:

NLP works and helps you make your mind work in two ways, it will help you with your experiences that eventually turned into fear or the fear was caused by it, and also helps you through your analytics thinking about both the negatives and positives of an experience and creating the ability to face it and overcoming it.

Following is the process of NLP coaching and how it helps manage fear and anxiety from phobias:

Recognize what bothers you:

Identify and recognize the memories that have put you into this state in which you have established a phobia or fear. Playback those memories and point to a specific part where the traumatizing or unpleasant event happened.

Play it as a movie inside your head, allow all your senses to indulge in this and, what do hear, what do you sense, what do you see, allow everything to come to you through your mind and that memory.

Using the movie metaphor:

Now imagine you are watching a movie and you are doing this in a theatre having popcorn or anything you normally do when you go to a movie theatre, you should be comfortably sitting and waiting for the movie to play then you can play the footage of 15 minutes before the actual scene and you are looking at your younger self in the theatre as you are here to watch as a spectator.

You can now feel the accomplishment that you can control your thoughts and make a whole scenario and you are going to watch your life’s traumatizing memory which you fear for the last time.

Becoming your own editor:

In order to not get distracted by the memory and play it on early you have to distract yourself with other things you can focus on what color your movie is playing and what sounds and voices you are hearing and you can later that picture with your mind. Let that memory dim and blur away in a distance.


You can now float yourself to the control booth and feel the Plexiglas window and then you can be in front of it watching your spectator self in the theatre sitting and ready to watch the memory. Now this self is ready to watch the younger self and the memory of the incident starts to play, it will feel strange and you might get scared because you are going through what scares you the most but eventually, you are going to hold yourself.

Look back one last time:

Play the memory in the theatre one last time and whatever you experience just play it because think of it as bidding farewell to the memory that you have been carrying with you till now and that scares you or creates anxiety and stress whenever you encounter it again or similar instances even situations just forward the memory and replace it with the beautiful one.

Step in a scene:

After getting through the scene you should step into the scene and feel all the surroundings after the incident a new beautiful memory will take its place, feel the comfort and pleasure of being free and elevate yourself by this. You can stop the time frame and live in the moment where you have got through it and make it to a peaceful place.

Rewind the good part again and again:

You can rewind the part again and again where you feel comfortable and content, you can take a break open your eyes, and then relive the moment. Do this over and over again to relive the moment you liked and felt relieved in.

Test the results:

See if this worked and you feel good after this. Try again to step into the memory gain and see if you can cope with that or deal with that, see if the feelings are gone or back.

What causes phobias and what are their common types:

Phobias are caused by past events that a person has gone through which are bad and small triggers that would make them panic and the person suffering from a phobia goes into anxiety and fear building in their mind. It’s about psychological or genetic issues where your parents might have it and it transferred to you. There are common phobias found in people like:

  • Phobias of the natural environment like heights, water, darkness, storms, or germs.
  • Situational phobias like flying, going to the dentist, tunnels, small spaces, or escalators.
  • Body-based phobias like blood, vomit, injections, choking, medical procedures, or childbirth.
  • Animal phobias example, dogs, insects, snakes, or rodents.

Final verdict:

NLP can seriously help someone who is suffering from such a situation. Having a phobia is normal and you can do the above NLP coaching techniques yourself or you can get help from an NLP master practitioner who will help you overcome your fears. It is your mind that consumes and reacts to the information it receives be it good or bad. And we need to get rid of the bad because it makes us weak and vulnerable to situations that are not in our hands.


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