Programs and Certifications we offer

The Quad Certification will set you up for success and enable you to achieve all your goals that you ever thought of


Practitioner (Triple Certification)

Level 1 Certification

pkr 200,000

Study with
Arslan Larik


NLP Master
Practitioner (Triple Certification)

Level 2 Certification

pkr 250,000

Study with
Arslan Larik

Special discount if bought with Level 2 Certification


NLP Practitioner & Master of Hypnosis (Hypnotherapy)

Level 3 Certification

pkr 250,000

Study with
Arslan Larik

One time special offer for all levels of NLP Certification

*Conditions apply that you must be a Clinical Psychologist to avail the Hypnotherapist Title

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I attend the session if I live overseas?

In order to cater to our global audience, we conduct the sessions via Zoom from 8:00 PM – 2:00 AM (PKT)/ 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM (EST).

What support will I receive on an NLP training course?

At AL&Co, we strive to ensure you are supported throughout your learning experience with us. Therefore, each participant is supported with personalized attention by the coaching assistant, online Q/A and notes during the training, and the opportunity to schedule extra Zoom sessions with our coaching assistants for special guidance.


What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept bank transfers, direct deposits and cheque payments.

Do I have to take any formal exam for NLP certification?

You’re not required to take any formal exam, however, you will have to complete;

  • 130 hours for NLP Practitioner ( 60 hours of training, Assignments, Audio files).
  • 140 hours for Master Practitioner ( 70 hours of training, assignments, peer group coaching report, audio files).

Do you offer a discount for education and non-profit organizations?

Although we have a strict no-discount policy, in some exclusive cases, we are able to provide a feasible installment plan. However, this remains at the discretion of project heads.

Will I become an NLP coach in just 10 days of training?

Not really, becoming a coach is a rigorous process. Once you attend the program, you will have to first finish the 60 training hours, followed by completing all the assignments and audio files (adding up to 130 hours). That is why we strongly encourage our graduates to keep repeating the Practitioner and Master Practitioner batches (without any additional investment) so that they can develop their understanding of the subject matter and hone their skill set.

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Madeeha Khan Yousafzai

Madiha Khan

AL&Co Alumni

Ever since I did my NLP my life have changed, the meaning of things around me changed drastically. NLP helped me to focus on things that are in my control and I became more confident, self aware, more in control of my negative emotions.

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