Programs and Certifications we offer

The Quad Certification will set you up for success and enable you to achieve all your goals that you ever thought of.


NLP Associate Practitioner

Level 1 Certification

pkr 100,000

Study with Alisalman and Yousif


NLP Practitioner and Coach

Level 2 Certification

pkr 200,000

Study with Arslan Larik


NLP Master Practitioner

Level 3 Certification

pkr 250,000

Study with Arslan Larik

pkr 350,000 if bought with Level 2 Certification


NLP Practitioner & Master of Hypnosis

Level 4 Certification

pkr 250,000

Study with Arslan Larik

pkr 600,000 for all levels of Certification

*Conditions apply that you must be a Clinical Psychologist to avail the Hypnotherapist Title

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Shabeen Mazhar

AL&Co Alumni

Ever since I did my NLP my life have changed, the meaning of things around me changed drastically. NLP helped me to focus on things that are in my control and I became more confident, self aware, more in control of my negative emotions.

Frequently Asked Questions.

Amid lockdown, how is the session being conducted?

Due to lockdown we are conducting our sessions over zoom.

What support will I receive on an NLP training course?

At AL&Co we strive to ensure you are supported throughout your learning experience with us. We provide support for every participant before, during, and after the course.

What forms of payment do you support?

We accept bank transfers, direct deposits and cheque payments.

Are there any exams for any NLP courses?

There are no exams involved in any NLP training course.

Do you offer a discount for education and non-profit organizations?

In some exclusice cases we might consider offering discounts for education and non0profit organizations. It is upon our discretion.

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